Ideation, Innovation and Renovation

Are you in search of a new product idea or do you want to add a new feel or function to a current product? We use proven, fast and inexpensive ideation methods with your team or with consumers to ensure inspired product ideas that delight your consumers as well as meet their goals.

  • Ideation: creating new ideas for new products

  • Innovation: the introduction of something new – a new idea, method, or device

  • Renovation: to restore to life to an older product

We understand from a lot of experience that ideas also need to be feasible to manufacture.


The best way to ensure that your idea delights consumers and is feasible and viable (or not) is by developing early-stage prototypes.

  • Product Design: the process designers use to blend user needs with business goals to help brands make consistently successful products.

  • Full Development: incorporates all  processes in creating a new product from user needs, ideation, product design and manufacturing

  • Prototyping: a functional form of the actual product

We work with your team to develop product designs and we can render both 2D and 3D high quality product prototypes for further consumer testing, packaging development and product improvement.

Product Testing

We use consumer studies to prove the products we design are safe and effective and consumers love to use them. Consumers can also work with us to build early product prototypes.

  • Laboratory Testing: using specialized equipment to test the properties of product or material

  • Human Testing: Using people to provide feedback from using an actual product

We have conducted hundreds of clinical and design guidance studies and will work with your team to define the product claims, usability and safety requirements if your project requires that. We have found that well-designed human factors and claims studies not only provide evidence for product efficacy and label claims, but they also often uncover unanticipated product benefits that provide unique claims for the product. Consumers need to understand the science, ingredients and design features behind your product to believe and trust it. We work with high quality, fair-priced consumer testing centers across the country for claims guidance and support.

Design Transfer and Quality Program Development

A great product design can be transformed into a great product if it can be described in a highly detailed product specification and produced. We have worked on products for over 30 years and know how to transfer them into a list of drawings, measurements and technical requirements which allows manufacturers to reproducibly make high-quality end products. Furthermore, we’ll work with manufacturers on quality programs that ensure that every product they produce meets your requirements, lot after lot.

  • Data Driven: makes strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation

  • Results Orientated: focus on outcome rather than process used to produce a product

  • Research Led Design: the process of using qualitative and quantitative research to inform design decisions

We have worked with domestic and international manufacturers on many types of products and chances are we know several manufacturers who could produce your product at a cost that you can afford. We work with you and the manufacturer to set up contracts, product specifications, product/package design transfer, and start up manufacturing.

Ideation and Innovation

We use creative, fast and inexpensive ideation methods with your team or with consumers, and blend them with our own technology mapping process to ensure inspired and realistic innovation.